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At RioRaiz, we believe the foundation of conservation practices stems from education.

Bringing the majesty of nature to our students and donors.

At RioRaiz, we believe the key towards expanding conservation and scientific excellence depends on growing the knowledge of future generations. We serve by producing educational opportunities through expert lectures, providing fun and interesting scientific lessons with virtual reality and online mentorship, and harboring scientific networks across the globe.

Your help can create innovative and accessible scientific lesson plans that can serve as the bedrock for the next generation of ecologists, doctors, and engineers.

Immersive Virtual Reality for enhanced education: Seeing is believing.

RioRaiz builds immersive VR experiences of each location being conserved so that you can join us on our adventures. RioRaiz digitally transports people to remote, endangered ecosystems to show the beauty and fragility of our planet.

Donate today to help us expand our treks through deserts, oceans, and rainforests to bring nature into classrooms worldwide.

Aid us in developing free learning tools accessible for underserved communities.

Let’s build a network of educators to expand scientific understanding.

Help us to create exchange programs to foster scientific comradery.

There’s a scientist in all of us.

Help us build the resources, programs, and leaders that will shape future scientists across the world.

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