Fund new species identification,
small molecule discovery,
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Our passion

Using the latest in multi-omics technology, we aim to characterize plants, microbes, and animals across the world using conservation as a discovery platform for new medicines.

Tracking biodiversity health.

RioRaiz wants to help define, classify, and catalog the biomes we save with cutting edge technologies. RioRaiz uses two strategies for discovery: production of comprehensive specimen databases and small molecule libraries.

We use these databases to inform biodiversity loss and stability in the environments we protect. This is crucial for producing minimally-invasive projects for our scientific studies.

Unveiling natural medicines.

‍Our small molecule and chemical libraries assist our drug discovery efforts to treat diseases like cancer and Alzheimer’s. RioRaiz utilizes our partnerships and collaborations with local communities and international experts to discover the mechanisms behind traditional medicines and new discoveries.

‍Your funding can find important, undefined natural compounds that can be used to help cure diseases. Help today, so we can save tomorrow.

Your donation can help us discover new species of plants, microbes, and animals utilizing research practices with the highest degree of rigor and responsibility.

Together, we will unveil small molecules and metabolites produced by unknown systems to create tools against Alzheimer's, cancer, and more.

Join the family protecting nature from the environmental destruction of undefined species and cures for humanity.

There’s an explorer in all of us.

Help us to create the next wave of scientific discovery, biome conservation, and treatments for malignancies.

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