Our Vision

Protect and cultivate biodiversity,
educate underserved communities,
and foster scientific collaboration.

Our mission

We strive to achieve conservation of worldwide biological diversity within native ecosystems utilizing biotechnology.

Utilizing these ecosystems, we aim to discover new chemical and biological insights, helping to lead the world into health for the next generations and for the planet. We cooperate with local governments, indigenous peoples, companies, universities, and individuals who maintain and expand our understanding of these complex and diminishing ecosystems. Utilizing the latest approaches of scientific rigor, we aim to educate and expand knowledge for the next generation of eco-friendly scientists.

Together we can preserve nature, advance science, and create an educated society for a sustainable future. We are RioRaiz:
Save Tomorrow.


Sustainability is participating in stewardship with a responsibility to our past, present, and future. At RioRaiz, we harness our curiosity to drive conservation.


At RioRaiz, our primary focus is on the conservation of critically at-risk biodiverse hot spots.

We protect life within ecosystems, ranging from rainforests to deserts, caves to coral reefs, and rivers to volcanos.

RioRaiz is passionate about scientific progress - we love the thrill of exploration.

From basic biology to pharmaceutical discovery, our scientific breakthroughs help us to define the habitats we protect. Biomes may provide cures for diseases; we explore to unravel Nature's mystery.

RioRaiz wants to provide educational resources to create a sustainable future for the planet.

We aim to educate local and international populations by establishing scientific exchange programs among our ecological sites. Our goal is to create accessible educational paradigms for the environmental stewards of tomorrow.

Board of Directors and Executive Leadership

Jeffrey C. Carlson, PhD

President and Chief Executive Officer

Jeff received his PhD from Baylor College of Medicine in Developmental Biology, developing several molecular tool-kits for brain cancer disease modeling and characterization. Jeff then pursued translational immunology in the biotechnology industry, specializing in antibody engineering and novel vaccine development. Jeff left industrial science to work full time on RioRaiz, using biotechnology to bolster conservation efforts. Jeff oversees vision and mission, donor relationships, and strategy development  for RioRaiz.

Grant Shillings, CPA

Treasurer and Chief Financial Officer

Prior to joining RioRaiz, Grant worked as a Senior Accountant at Long View Equity and at Electronic Arts; he also served as an Auditor at PricewaterhouseCoopers. Grant has a BS in Commerce from the University of Virginia and is a CPA. Grant is involved with financial planning, analysis, fund management, and accounting for RioRaiz.