Active Projects


Project goal: $150,000

Uncovering new molecules to fight cancer

Bomarea setacea, a member of the Alstroemeriaceae family of plants, has effects that disrupt the growth and health of cancer cells.

Help us unveil the genome of Bomarea setacea to shed light on this plant’s unique properties for cancer treatment.

With your donation we can expand screening of potential anti-cancer chemicals with our academic partners to find new treatments for rare pediatric cancers.

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Project goal: $100,000

Protecting critically at-risk biological corridor to help endangered species

We are collaborating with local communities in Colombia to protect an area of natural rainforests on over 825,000 square meters of land within the Central Andean Mountain area of Colombia.

There are over 40 hectares of scientifically undefined rainforest regions that serve as a geographical bridge for two species of endangered animals.

We wish to prevent expansion of agricultural farms into this biological corridor and createa protected area for biodiversity to flourish.

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Project goal: $75,000

Creating scientific education for students worldwide

We are developing interactive virtual reality lesson plans that bring science and nature into the classroom.

We are currently creating immersive 3D tours of numerous ecosystems in order to teach grade school level students in Colombia and the United States.

Help us to expand our impact for students by donating to create these educational VR platforms and lesson plans today.

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