Help us preserve fragile ecosystems,
protect thousands of acres of land,
and recover lost biodiversity.


The more we conserve, the more we can hope to discover. You can protect critically at-risk biomes with even a small donation. RioRaiz needs your help today, so that together, we can save tomorrow.

Using communities to bolster conservation.

RioRaiz strives to build relationships between mankind and nature in response to the global climate catastrophe. This devastation has echoes and effects on biodiversity, an important part of functional ecosystems.

As pollution, waste, and climate change continue, so do the effects that we see on our environment and biodiversity. RioRaiz identifies at-risk biomes undergoing active biodiversity loss. We then work with local governments, individuals, and community leaders to protect the land. RioRaiz also helps local communities by teaching scientific techniques and in turn, we learn local conservation practices from those communities to further foster a collaborative environment.

Conservation through scientific discovery, how does it work?

RioRaiz takes a molecular approach to conservation. We use our own comprehensive specimen and small molecule databases to track biodiversity loss in nature. Through our molecular approach we can inform biodiversity loss and stability in environments we protect. This is crucial for producing minimally invasive development projects for our scientific studies.

We are developing strong eco-communities around the world.

We act to promote conservation through education and hands-on training at our remote sites.

We create sustainable scientific research that encourages conservation efforts in a positive feedback loop.

There’s a caretaker in all of us.

There’s a guardian in all of us.

There’s a steward in all of us.

Conservation is the first step towards helping build a better world. Begin your environmental stewardship now.

Conserve today